How to detect if person is home in shortcuts

I’m using shortcuts to trigger a routine when hitting snooze.
One of the things that happens is that the lamp in the bedroom goes from turned off to 80% turned on.
Now those days where my wife is home she is not happy about being waken by the light.
Is there any good ideas how to detect that?

I think using Homebridge virtual switches as checks has come up a few times on the podcast and forums for identifying situations where multiple people might be at home.


I use Homebridge and Dummy Switches to accomplish this.

That could work.
How did other the other one trigger that switch?
I’m trying to do this without having my wife to do anything so I am open for suggestions.

I use the “Person arrives/leaves home” triggers to toggle the switch. Simple, but effective!

After looking a bit more of those possibilities I see it.

Thank you!