How to create a workflow for automatically recording all Google Meet's meetings?

How would you go about recording all Google Meet’s meetings (the built in function isn’t a realistic solution since you need permission from all participants and that is just a hassle… Much easier to just verbally say that I will record the meeting for note taking purposes). I want it to be as automatic as possible (perhaps some way of sensing that a google meeting is happening) and to save all the audio (don’t really need video, just audio) and then save the finished audio file to a folder (for further processesing).

I know there are some services that does everything in the cloud where all the recordings are saved to the cloud but I would prefer a more local solution on my Mac.

How would you go about it? I work as a developer so I’m not afraid of code (maybe a bit afraid of that strange thing called AppleScript hehe but other than that I’m familiar with python and Javascript). But just wanted to see if someone has a good idea of how to do it?