How to create a widget timer that shows remaning time?

I’m not so exp using automations on the iphone since I so all my work on my mac but now I finally found a use case. I have this coffee subscription at a coffee chain that allows me to get one coffee every 2 hours. It works by giving me a new coupon 2 hours after using a coupon.

However, it does not say how long is left until the next coffee is available. I would love a widget that allows me to just press a button which starts a 2 hour timer. I got that to work with shortcuts but I it requires me to open timers to see how long is left. Best would be some kind of widget (scriptable?) that shows me time remaning on the timer on my homescreen without having to press any button.

Any ideas?

I don’t know if widgets can update that often.

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So I stumbled upon the same question and did a little research. The best solution for an automatable countdown timer in a widget I could find was Timer+. When you subscribe to the Pro plan (currently 2 €/month, 10 €/year, or 18 € one-time purchase), you can set up interactive widgets. Also, with URL schemes, you can automate the setup of quick timers.

Another app with timer widgets is Be Focused, a productivity timer with recurring work/break loops. You could finagle the intervals in such a way that you have a big break every time you are eligible for another coffee. No automation integration as far as I could find out, but it might still be helpful. Also free to download, the widgets work in free (ad-supported) mode. Device-spanning sync and other functions are subscription-based (currently 2 €/Month, 10 €/year, or 23 € one-time purchase). Be Focused is part of the Setapp subscription.

I am not sure whether that helps for your specific purpose, and you most likely already cancelled your coffee subscription. But since I went here first to look for a solution, there might be others who arrive here when they search for timer widgets.

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face: