How to check state of Airplane Mode (or a clever proxy..)?

I think my answer is “no”, but I want to double check with this audience. I have a simple Shortcut to toggle settings when I’m an area where I want to use wi-fi calling only (ie, Airplane Mode on; WiFi on; Bluetooth on).

Ideally, I would like a single shortcut that detects state of Airplane Mode. If on, turn it off. If off, turn it on along with the other settings.

Any creative ideas on determing state? — jay

When airplane mode is enabled, the cellular network’s mobile data radio technology is not available as there is no cellular network connection to be queried. Therefore this should be a suitable proxy check for you to use to check if you have airplane mode enabled.

Note, in my tests, even if I disabled mobile data, the fact that there was a cellular connection in place was enough to allow the connected network provider’s network to be queried for the data radio technology available to use.

Here’s my test shortcut - Shortcut - Radios Test.

Shortcut screenshot including my results

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In order to make it of more practical use, you could count the number of characters being returned in the radio technology query. If it is greater than 0, then you would toggle airlane mode on and vice versa.

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much. I clearly did not poke around the actions enough. The Radio Technology field is the exact solution. — jay