How to "call" a keypad combination?

Hello all,

Hoping someone can confirm if what I am trying to do, is even possible?

Mobile providers in these parts still allows one to enter a combination of numbers, separated by (*) and (#) symbols, to quickly check data balances etc., instead of using an app.

I am sure there is a correct term for that type of communication, since it’s been around for ages – but regardless – anyway to automate this?

In Shortcuts App, I tried simply inputting the *121*12345# as a “text” field, and then passed that on to the “call” action – but no joy. An error message pops up: “Conversion error: Call failed because Shortcuts couldn’t convert from Text to Phone number

Can anyone think of a possible workaround?
Would be very convenient to trigger the above by voice, rather than having to remember the combination each time…

Try entering it into the action called “phone number”.

Ah. Didn’t know about that action - my searching skills are clearly up the pole! :slight_smile:

Will give it a go, thanks!

Without looking i think there is a way of formatting the initial dial so that it does that.

Also the fancy name for that kinda phone system is IVR it’s a surprisingly versatile system depending on vendor and implementation

This is the way that works for me:


What I’ve done is add the number to my contacts and then specify that in the ‘Send Message’ action, which seems to work too. :slight_smile: