How to automatically send social media messages from company profile to user's profile?

Hello folks,

I need help and ideas to come up with a solution requested by my company. I especially need help for point #3, but if you have an overall existing solution or are willing to develop a solution like this, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

In short, the company needs an automated and constant listening/monitoring on social media for mentions of their brands and competitors, and then automatically write to the user’s to empathize and try to resolve any issues. A more descriptive request is as follows:

  1. Solution needs to automatically and constantly listen/monitor social media for mentions of their brand and competitors.
    1.1. The definition of ‘mentions’ should be actual tags or keywords written on social media posts.
    1.2. Listening should capture mentions independently on where they were written, either on wall/feed of the company’s or the user’s.
  2. This data should be stored in a database, the minimum fields should be as follows: timestamp, link for the user’s profile, description of the message, classification of the intent (negative/neutral/positive), if emojis can be translated or interpreted into sentiment then even better. The small preference on the database is that it’s opensource and accesible from internet (eg mysql, baserow, nocodb, etc), but the company is willing to go with commercial db that have easy front-end dev like Knack.
  3. For each of the records from the previous point, there should be a bot or automation that from the company’s profile a message should be written to the user’s profile. Message should be rather simple, thanking the user for the message, ask how they can improve if the sentiment was neutral/negative, and offer a coupon or discount for future visits.
    3.1. This automatic message should be an invitation so the user continues the conversation with the company, where subsequent messages should be replied by the company’s bot.

I especially need help with point #3, since I haven’t been able to find an automated solution that initiates a message from the company’s profile to the users’s; right now only ideas are with RPA or a headless browser, but I would definitely like something that can be integrated with n8n or be consumed as a microservice or API.
For point #1 I haven’t tried it but I believe there are some social media listening APIs or at least webscraping that I could use, but I haven’t landed on a ‘all in one’ solution for major social medias like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, so I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you very much in advance.