How to automatically open URL contained in Apple Mail

I receive an email with a standard format that contains a link to download an invoice. I am looking for a way to automatically click the link and download the file. The visible URL title is always the same.

Go to Settings and look into Rules. You can run an AppleScript to parse the email and open the link.

this opens the link. the downloading part depends.

using terms from application “Mail”

on perform mail action with messages theMessages for rule theRule

repeat with eachMessage in theMessages

tell application “Mail” to set t to (content of eachMessage) as string – EDITED

set t to paragraphs of t – ADDED

repeat with i in t

if i starts with “https://” then openLocation(i)

end repeat

end repeat

end perform mail action with messages

end using terms from

on openLocation(theURL)

tell application “Safari” to open location theURL

end openLocation

Thanks. I’m getting closer. The paragraph with the URL does not start with HTTPS, but parsing it should be easy enough as it appears the beginning of the paragraph is consistant.

interesting problem, keep me up to date