How to add the web view of a new mail newsletter from the Mailchimp archive automatically to Pocket?


I am subscribed to a few newsletters that are longer form and that I don’t want to read in my mail app. Most of them are sent via Mailchimp, which offers a newsletter archive of past editions.
The problem is that the archive page isn’t an RSS feed. Otherwise a simple IFTTT trigger would do the job.

Any idea how to achieve it to automatically add them to Pocket?

Thanks a lot in advance :blush:

Just off the top of my head, could you open the URL in Safari and then use Get URLs From Input. Then you’d have to identify the right URL, which depends on the structure of the page — maybe the first with a particular base URL?

Here’s a link to a proof-of-concept shortcut to start with (using a generic page from MailChimp rather than an archive page), and a screenshot of the two steps involved.

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Thank you. Yes, that should work. The only problem is that Shortcuts can’t run automatically in background. Surely, batching all those newsletter archives together in one task and then just running it, would be possible, but I really love the RSS to Pocket IFTTT applet and the convenience it comes with.

I will for sure keep it in mind for future versions of iOS that hopefully bring proper automation of Shortcuts. Even running a Shortcut based on a calendar entry would suffice :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a Mac-based solution (as categorised), then you could schedule a shell script to grab the HTML periodically for the archive page (curl/wget/etc.), regex out the link URLs, compare it to a previous copy and identify any new URLs, write those to a cloud storage file or use a web hook to trigger the addition to Pocket via IFTTT (or interact with the Pocket API directly), and then update the file to compare to on the next run.

(Should have been posted to web. Sorry.)

Thank you! Good suggestion to run it locally.
Building on your idea: I could spin up my node docker again and let puppeteer run to crawl the sites regularly :thinking:

But I honestly would have wished that someone knows a service like IFTTT or Zapier that does this natively for the sheer sake of convenience.

If you were the owner of the newsletters then you could do it with triggers on a couple of services I think. Fundamentally I think the issue is less the middleware service functionality and more the limited archive on the Mailchimp side, as you noted at the beginning, if it had an RSS feed, you would be able to utilise standard tools rather than requiring custom periodic parsing of a web page.

What I just found out by accident: You can add those newsletter archives to feedly and they will index them :thinking:However IFTTT requires Feedly pro. I don’t use their other features to justify the cost.
Still interesting that they index those archives.