How to access the 'context' services menu?

I am asking a general question, simply using Bear as an example. My question would apply to any app.

I know how to access the Services menu of any app, but that Services menu is generally very short and of limited use.

In terms of workflow, the Services menu I want to access 99% of the time is the Services menu located in the context menu after selecting text (irrespective of the app). That ‘Context’ Services menu provides a much wider array of services which allows me to create a new Evernote or Scrivener or Nisus Writer or BBEdit note with the selected text, or use the extremely useful ‘Open’ menu which opens all links within the selected text.

Is there a way to use AppleScript to access the ‘Context’ Services menu ? If not using keyboard maestro ?

thank you very much

You can assign a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences: Keyboard —> Shortcuts —> App Shortcuts for any item in the contextual service menu — you just have to ensure that you type the service exactly as it is presented, into the ‘Menu Title’ box.

I know you can then trigger that shortcut from within Keyboard Maestro, I don’t know about AppleScript

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thank you very much. Do I have to configure the shortcut for the same menu item for each app ?

In System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, App Shortcuts hit the + and in the dialogue box, you can choose “All Applications” at the very top of the list, where you choose the Application that the Shortcut applies to.


a great solution. thanks very much!