How Send Charty Chart from Apple Shortcuts via Apple Messages?

Charty Mavens (including Rodrigo!),

How can a Charty Chart be sent from an Apple Shortcuts to a [small] list of designated recipients via Apple Messages?

Use Case:

  • A custom developed Shortcuts App that helps a family member manage complex medical conditions (many events, medications, measurements, etc.).
  • When certain measurements are taken (e.g., weight), then a Charty Chart is generated on the iPhone of the family member recording the measurement(s)…and it/they needs to be sent in real time to all family members (to keep everyone up-to-date and avoid doubling up on actions, etc.).
  • The code to capture measurements—and generate the applicable Charty Chart—has been written and tested.
  • Stumped trying to find a way to send the Charty generated charts to all family members via Apple Messages.

Any & all help gratefully appreciated!

Many, many thanks,

Here’s an example for you.

@sylumer, A BIG THANK YOU!

Did not realize it was that easy!

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