How organize pdf invoice with IOS without hazel

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Until now I have hazel listening an inbox :incoming_envelope: folder in iCloud. I wonder how I could quick have the right name and the right folder without using my Mac (hazel). Some of those invoices are blob without name. Of course less manual action better it is. So questions:

  • Is there any automation tool on IOS reading and parsing content as hazel does ?
  • Can I retrieve the url when I share a pdf file from safari to shortcut ?
  • Why shortcut allow only to save in shortcut folder :file_folder:?

Nothing can work quite like Hazel on iOS. The platform is very different to macOS in terms of what apps can do.


If I load this URL in Safari, then share it to a shortcut that displays the URL, I get the result below

If you choose to use the picker it can save anywhere. If you want a fixed path then iOS12 sandboxing rules restrict it. This behaviour should open up a bit more in the next release I believe.

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This is what I thought, thanks

Thanks my tests was not working because the website was generating a blob as invoice but I found an other way to get the url from there (using get text)

Ok so I think I still need some manual input for now such as maybe select the folder myself and maybe put the invoice date when did not find by itself.