How do you use your HomePod for automation?

Hi All,
I’m curious, what kind of automations do you use that include your HomePod? I just purchased my first HomePod because I wanted a nice speaker and I wanted something that would play well with the rest of my Apple ecosystem. I’d love to integrate with more of my automations, but most of the stuff I do with Shortcuts requires some input when running it.

How is everyone else using their homepod(s)?

I have some Shortcuts that I can use with HomePod. But there are a few cravats. As you noticed the Shortcut can not do inputs. Also it can not do a Shortcut that has “Run Shortcut” even though that other Shortcut can be run on HomePod. It will work if the Shortcuts takes info from a web page but if you have an action that opens a Web page it won’t work. Here’s an example. (Sorry about the “between the sheets” bit. That was added by a friend.:roll_eyes:)