How do you organize scripts within Scriptable?

Thanks to @JKoopmans I discovered this API that I like experimenting with. The amount of scripts in Scriptable is growing…

How do your organize scripts within Scriptable?

Are colors, glyphs, and location the only options?

I think I would like folders…

Glyphs, colors and the location in the list is basically the only way right now. I really hope to support folders at some point but because scripts are just plain JavaScript files on disk, this actually becomes a bit tricky since I’d like folders to be actual folders on the disk too. However, ideally folders should also have a glyph and a color so I need somewhere to store this metadata.

It’s definitely problems that can be solved but challenges like this is the main reason that Scriptable doesn’t have folders yet.

There is one thing you can do though. If your list of scripts is polluted by helper scripts, you might be able to take advantage of modules. Helper scripts can be stored as a module and imported into other scripts. Modules can be stored in subfolders within Scriptables folder in the Files app. Scripts stored in subfolders won’t clutter the list of scripts.


I just had the idea that you could store this in a .scriptable file in the folder. Dot-files are hidden in iCloud drive on iOS and in the web browser so there would be no clutter in the Files app from these. You could access them with the FileManager bridge in Scriptable or from the desktop (at least Windows, don’t know Mac).

I’m already experimenting with that approach. It’s probably the approach I’ll take but there’s still some work til one done :blush:

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