How do you handle 100+ shortcuts

My shortcuts supply is growing daily, and it’s getting near the 100 mark… And that’s nothing compared to Matthew Cassinelli’s 800+!

How do you handle this overload in an interface that’s really not built for that many??


You don’t really. I use the search very frequently; the filtering seems to work decent enough.

Naming conventions and search is the fastest and most reliable way I’ve found over the years. I had a big clear out a few months back so I’m in around the 650 mark currently, but I switched to using search over colour coding and position by the time I had about 50. It was so much faster… much like the way I open many of my iOS apps as it happens.


One thing I’ve started doing is deleting my test ones straight away. Things get pretty cluttered pretty quickly when I’m testing things out. I like to create a new Shortcut instead of modifying the one I’m currently work on to prevent accidentally screwing things up.

@RosemaryOrchard also says this about organizing from this thread

I’m still in shock that Apple didn’t think to integrate the categorie option that is default in all os’s…


Combining tags with search in shortcuts…

This topic has been covered in a couple recent threads - see How do you organize your Workflow workflows?

My solution described there is to use emoji in the title to get the same effect as tagging, and use search and a custom launcher workflow/shortcut linked above.