How do I populate a menu with data from Content Graph?

I was wondering if there is a way to retrieve data from the content graph without having to know what the titles of the data are?

I’m trying to then populate a list or menu with those titles, such as NSString, etc, so that I can quickly select them from that menu/list and manipulate them later on in the shortcut.

Gathering the types of data from the AppStore action, artwork url, app info, etc.
Artwork url | App info | App price

The content graph is a read only view of the output of the content graph engine. There’s no way to treat it like a mega dictionary object. It just guides you on what conversions are possible and the data that is available from that conversionn; however, data being available does not alway map to data being accessible.

What it sounds like you fundamentally want is to enumerate the properties of an object, but I think that the only object that supports enumeration is the dictionary object (and a list, though I view that more as a collection of objects).

Can you explain a little more?

I’m not sure what you want more on, so let me try a little bit on each.

The content graph is a view only tool. It tells you about data and conversions. It is an end point or pass through only.

There is nothing built into Shortcuts to allow you to pick and choose data without first carrying out a conversion to the required type. The content graph can be useful in understanding what conversion might best suit your needs.

Not all data visible in the content graph is surfaced to the end user through Shortcuts actions and properties, but the majority tend to be.

What you describe seems to me, to only be achievable through manual setup of the menu, unless you work with a dictionary object, and even then the previous point still applies.

I have looked at the content graph and saw something say web archive, it basically gave me a view controller of the App Store page (this was in a different shortcut), and I want to know how I can create a dictionary that passes that information, so that I can manipulate it. Thank you for the clarification too.