How do I make the iTermwidget working?

help me up

It looks like you haven’t implemented the cache script that is supposed to go along with that code. The code is trying to imprt a script file called “Cache”, but it doesn’t exist.

My best guess wold be that this is the script you would need to add.


Sorry for being a bit stupid but how do I implement it?

Do I need to import the script? Or do I copy it into the current code?

The documentation for importModule can be found in the app and here:

Read that first to ensure that you understand what is going on.

Get the code from GitHub. Put it in a Scriptable script and call that script Cache.

When the import runs in the original script, it should then pull in the code from the Cache script, which Scriptable should be storing in a file called Cache.js.

Thank you so much! I understand some programming concepts but am short on practice. So thanks for the quick response.