How do I grab cell data out of google sheets?

I need to grab stock data out of a google sheet daily after market close and store. I can write code in any language, but I have no idea where to start for something like this on an iPhone or an iPad. I don’t think short cuts would cut it, but I may be wrong. I believe my first and biggest hurdle is how to grab data from a cell in a google sheets doc that is automated and gives me end of day gains and losses. Since is a single sheet/template it gets updated every day with that days market data, so I need to capture that data at the end of day before it is over written the next morning when the markets open.
What scripting tool should I use?
Thanks in advance

You could do something with Shortcuts using ShortSheets.

But, I would also recommend you look at Google Apps Script as that likely gives you a lot of additional scope and power independent of your mobile device.

Hope that helps.

I used Google Apps Script for this before. See if this helps.

I’ve used Google Apps Script (basically javascript control of all of Google’s products) and looks like they have a REST API implementation (which I haven’t used). That might work.