How do I get rid of these "Automate Away" Notifications?

Does anyone know how to stop these “Automate Away” notifications???

I’ve never seen that before on my devices and do use Pushcut, so either it is something you created (sounds very unlikely!), or some default example added in a release subsequent to the original one when I first installed it.

  1. Do you have anything in your Pushcut app’s notification config that matches it?
  2. Do you have anything in your Pushcut triggers that would match the schedule/occurrences of when this appears?
  3. What happens when you tap on the notification?
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I have to ask: What is that second notification? Looks like it’s from Raspberry Pi.

(I’ll also observe the PushCut notification looks rather “professional” - so might well be a shipped example I’m unaware of. The rocket ship in the title is rather jolly. :slight_smile: )

That’s a Pushover service notification. I send script completions from my NAS and RPi devices via it. It looks like that is a notification along the same lines.

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Right. I thought I recognised the logo. I was more tripping over “Pi” than anything.

Ah, I am “a dumbhead”, this is it…

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Yes, although I typically use the “Apprise” Python Library to do notifications.