How do I get my office HomeKit items on a schedule?

I have a handful of HK items setup in my home office. NanoLeaf lights, lamp, and a power strip. I can turn them all on/off via the Home iOS app, or using Siri.

But I’d like to just have them all come on at say 7am and go off at 5pm. What’s the cleanest way to do that? Siri Shortcut on a schedule? Something else?

Thanks in advance!

Within the Shortcuts app, create a timed Home automation (you will need one for when you want the lights to come on and a second to turn them off again – up to 4 hours later you capfuls do one command, but 7 until 5 will need 2 automations).

You can also set it to only happen on specific days of the week.

Select the lights etc that you want to turn on/off. On the next screen you can tap the icon for each item to change its state and long press on it to select any options (brightness, colour etc).

Save and you are done.

Rather than selecting individual light here, you could also set up a scene in the Home app and then select that in the automation instead.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you, I see it now!! I did like you said and created a scene. Thanks!!

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