How Do I get Hazel to Tag files in Subfolders?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get Mail Attachments out of Mail. Originally I was trying to use Keyboard Maestro to run an Automator Workflow, but it was being buggy everyday despite getting it to work the night before. After doing some research I found that Mail Automatically saves all attachments to ~/Library/Containers/ Downloads/

So I figured I can just get Hazel to tag all Excel files with a Tag and then use a Smart Folder to pull those tags to work on it further. The issue I am running into is I can’t figure out how to get Hazel to just look for Excel files in all Subfolders (Which are automatically created) and are 2 levels deep to tag them.

Please Help!

You need a rule at the top level which looks for anything that is a folder, and the action is then apply rules to folder contents.

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Thank you Rosemary! I appreciate the help.

Of course @RosemaryOrchard is correct, however I struggled with this concept when I was trying to do something similar.

I wrote up the details in a post here: