How could i set up auto-redialing a phone number?

hi! im not only incredibly new to javascript, but i just don’t know how to even choose to make a phone call with this kind of app but here’s what im trying to do

im looking to have it redial a phone number and either hang up when it goes to voicemail/busy signal or to hang up after a certain amount of time, and then call the number again, ad nauseam. until i ask it to stop/the call is answered. is there any way to set that up with this, and if so, can you tell me how? thanks!!

That’s not going to be possible for Scriptable. Monitoring your phone call to determine call signals, voice interactions, and being able to dial numbers would violate the security and privacy restrictions Apple apply to their phone app.

What @sylumer is saying is that this is impossible on iOS, regardless of the app.

A chance might be if you jailbreak your device, but I don’t know if there is one available. If there is, you might still be out of luck that someone has built a “tweak” that can do this (and is compatible to your iOS version). But i definitely cannot recommend you to jailbreak your device.

Very basic but works with constant busy signal. I didn’t create it myself- was from community