How can we play audio on multiple HomePods in different rooms and set individual volumes for each?

Hi all,


Goal: from iPhone - start playing the Overcast App current podcast, and choose outputs to play on multiple HomePods at same time and set individual volumes for each…

Currently, I have two different HomePods, one each in two different rooms.

I am trying to set up a shortcut that can do the following:

  • Start playing the iPhone Overcast App current podcast
  • And set the audio output to both HomePods at once.
  • Also set individual volumes to different amounts.


Overcast set to Play = works fine

It seems if I first :

  • set playback destination to home pod 1
  • then “handoff” from SOURCE (leave empty) to homepod 2 - then they both become active.

But my attempts at setting individual volumes for each HomePod have so far failed…

I tried:

  • set playback destination to home pod 1

  • set volume to 50%
    handoff from SOURCE (leave empty) to homepod 2

  • set volume to 85%

  • this failed

Also I tried :

I have a homekit scene MyVolume to just set ‘volume only’ of the 2 homepods - but it seems to just hang and error when I try or else no nothing

I add it as a shortcut step…

Control {homename} set MyVolume

fail or nothing

How can I set the setting individual volumes for each HomePod with no errors or hangs?

Thanks Dave

Curious if anyones has a suggestion on how to set the individual volumes for each HomePod with no errors or hangs?

I still could use some help with this - thanks

Any help with this would be appreciated - thanks

trying again if anyone can help…

It seems evident to me that no one knows how to achieve what you want. I don’t think a follow up every 5 days is going to change that. Likewise I don’t think lots of responses on this topic from people saying we don’t know is going to add any value, only noise. I’m only replying to highlight that your current follow up approach to bump the question quite so many times should not be necessary.

If down the road someone finds a way, I am sure, if they are anything like me, they will recall the question, find it once again on the forum, and provide an answer for you.

Hi sylumer, ok no problem I was just hoping maybe someone new might have some info.

I will stop the followups

You might be able to do this with Home Assistant, I don’t have time to test right now and don’t use Overcast but you can try asking on the HA forums.

You would have to run HA on a Raspberry PI or maybe a old PC you have, you would also need to learn HA a bit and how it all works because most at the forum will give you general info or point you somewhere but they’ll expect you to figure it out.

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Thanks much for the suggestions.