How can I return a value to IOS shortcut?

I use Scriptable to get the login cookie,How can I return the cookie value to IOS shortcut?Just use the clipboard?

Depends on the context. The clipboard is always an option, but x-callback-url calls also allow for a return value for example.

Thank you !
The x-callback-url works well.

Just wanted to let you know that when the next update of Scriptable is out, which will be when iOS 14 is out, you’ll be able to properly return an output to Shortcuts using a new API.


I think you mean iOS 13? :wink:

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Haha, yes! That was a mistake. Though I’d love the extra time I’d get to polish the update if I could hold it off for the iOS 14 release :sweat_smile:


Hey @aston_he – can you share the code you used to retrieve the cookie (not the code to send it back to Shortcuts)? I have been looking for sample code to do just that. Thanks!

@aston_he – I figured it out… thanks!

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