How can I process all of my incoming work emails automatically through shortcuts?

Here’s what I Have that could be used to solve the problem

  • A Dedicated iPad Running a full time Pushcut Server.
  • a Jail Broken iPhone 7Plus running 14.0.1
  • A headless MacPro server running 10.11.6
  • IFTTT Pro

and my daily driver Mac, iPads, and iPhone

Recently I JailBroke my old iPhone 7 in the hope that I could use ‘Truecuts’ to add the ‘ask when run toggle’ to the Mail automation trigger. My plan was to then use this phone as a second ios sever and have it just Automatically process my incoming emails through shortcuts. That turned out to be a dead end when I discovered that Truecuts hasn’t been updated for ios14 and as such doesn’t add the ask when run toggle to the automation types added in ios14 (of which the mail trigger is one)

I’ve been looking at automatically forwarding all my incoming email using mail rules on my Mac, forwarding them to IFTTT, and then having IFTTT put that data in AirTable where my Pushcut sever would be able to routinely process and deal with the data there. - I’m tempted to peruse this issue but its going to ruin my sent mail box, and the way the data would then arrive in AirTable would be extremely messy.

So far my last resort is Zapier, I’m currently happy on the free tier. But willing to Pay to upgrade. Although I’m worried i’d be wasting a lot of my 750 monthly Zaps on all those emails… and if I do pay to upgrade there are other things I’d like to do with some of those monthly Zaps. A quick glance over my email in box suggests I’d probably use about 300-400 zaps on incoming emails… so still probably totally doable.

But I’d like to explore any potential options that don’t require me to subscribe to Zapier just yet

At this stage even just a simple way to get my emails out of the mail app and into plain text files in my iCloud Drive would be a great start

Probably worth mentioning that the incoming email is through Gmail.

I hope I have formatted this question correctly, this is my first time posting here :blush:

hi @frameboy and welcome to the forums

It’s hard to know what to suggest because it’s not clear what you are trying to achieve. I am not familiar with TrueCuts and it’s not clear why you would want your email in AirTable.

So let’s start with that: what are you trying to achieve with this system? Are you wanting to organize, sort, file your emails ? Or do you need some sort of a follow up system to make sure you have replied to all of them? Or is this just trying to archive and backup all of your email?

Once we understand that the end goal, we should be better able to help suggest ways to get there.

Hi @Tjluoma thanks for your reply.

Good points. Here goes.

There are two key reasons I want to run all my Email through shortcuts and store it in DataJar.

The first is so I can track what prospective clients of mine have replied to my emails, and set reminders and run different shortcuts accordingly. If a client never gets back to me after the initial.

The second is that when I’m in my car on the way to a Job, or meeting with a given client I’d like to be able to run a shortcut and have my device read out loud all our email exchanges to date, so I can be totally caught up on the details when I arrive.

I should note, i want to run all my emails through shortcuts but only actually log and store the emails that match email addresses in my client DataJar database. So while I need to look at 400+ emails a month, i really only want to store about 30 a month in DataJar :blush:

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