How can I change "When Anyone Arrives Home" to "When I Arrive Home"?

Now that I have a cellular Apple Watch I want to automate whether I’m at home or not using the location of my Apple Watch instead of my iPhone (I no longer take my iPhone with me when I sport outside). I’m currently using webhooks in Geofency for this kind of automation. That works great for the iPhone, but although Geofency does also have an Apple Watch App, it cannot call webhooks from the watch.

When I’m trying to make a new HomeKit automation (I have an Apple TV4 as HomeKit hub), I can only select “When Anyone Arrives Home”, but I want to use “When I Arrive Home”. I can’t find the “i” symbol mentioned in the Apple documentation to change that. I do see “When I Arrive Home” in existing automations though…

How can I change “When Anyone Arrives Home” to “When I Arrive Home”?

(I’m running iOS 15.4 and I’m the only person having access to this home in HomeKit)

Find the automation you want to edit/create a new automation and follow the instructions below;

That’s my issue: I only have a single line “Anyone Arrives”…

In the Home app, tap on the home icon and open „Home Settings“.
Are you the only person in the Home?

I had this before I added an extra person in the form of a test account which I created for lots of things. But if you are the only person in the home, you have to be the first person who arrives home :wink:

my thought exactly :+1:

I am indeed the only person in my Home.

However, why do other automations still say “When I Arrive” instead of “When Anyone Arrives”?

Does the Home App choose the text depending on the situation when you create the automation and then never change it ever after?

Unfortunately it does not seem to matter much…

I was hoping I could use my (cellular) Apple Watch to trigger these Arrival/Departure events when I leave my iPhone at home, but that seems impossible?

I think so, yes.

My watch isn‘t cellular, so i‘m not too sure if there is a way of using a cellular watch for your location.

You could definitely run a personal automation on your phone once a workout is finished on your watch and/or your fitness focus mode turns off (using an if statement to only make it if you are at home - by checking your location, or even better, the network you‘re connected to).