How can I automate force quitting and restarting the Stream Deck app?

A couple of times a week, the Stream Deck app hangs, and weirdly blocks all input on both my wired and Apple Bluetooth keyboards. However, Alfred continues to take input, so I use it to start the activity monitor, then use my trackpad to scroll to Stream Deck, click the quit button, etc. (instantly, my keyboard input returns to normal)

Is there a way to automate doing this? Of course, I couldn’t use the keyboard to launch it. Perhaps a file I could click on the desktop or the dock…

If Alfred is active you could have it kill the Stream Deck process via a terminal command/shell script and then open the app again.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Keyboard Maestro can do it easily:


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Thanks. I never cease to be amazed at what Keyboard Maestro can do!

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I love this forum, @sylumer and @PeterNLewis jumping in to answer questions, we are so lucky here!

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