How broken is Shortcuts in your iOS 14 beta experience?

Just a temperature check: if you’re running the beta iOS 14, how’s Shortcuts treating you?

I am having the most inconsistent experience. Shortcuts seemingly-randomly fail from widgets and in-app activations. Literally they will fail on the first press, then succeed, then fail again.

(yes, I am aware of the risks of running the beta. Just curious if I’m alone in these issues.)

For those experienced beta testers: how do you decide when to bug fix a shortcut that was working fine pre-beta? I.e., how long do you hold out hope that it’ll just starting working in the next OS beta release?

Lots of shortcuts are just timing out, mostly from the widget. And it’s not like it’s choking on the shortcut computation itself — some will hang before even displaying a menu when Choose From Menu is the first action in the shortcut.

It’s pervasive enough that I’m confident a fix is being worked on, so it’s just a matter of waiting. In the meantime, running shortcuts from the app and force quitting the app if necessary is a viable workaround.

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Phew. Not alone! Not alone! These are the exact same problems I’ve been having. I’ve also been getting similar behaviour from the share sheet.

Aye, I have been opening Shortcuts and running them from there to make it work. “Continue in the Shortcuts App” actions also help. Sadly this doesn’t save Share Sheet shortcuts (say that ten times fast…)

Definitely inconsistent. To me it seems a mixture of outright bugs and things that seem not to be enabled yet. My biggest problems are related to widgets, where sometimes the shortcut widget will be unresponsive, and then it corrects itself during the day. I’m also getting “this shortcut took too long to run” messages (on very simple shortcuts!). The other area where things are just not working is personal automations; the (new) Sleep trigger as well as the Bluetooth trigger are not working at all. Can’t wait for Beta 4!

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