How: automatic pull of data & save data locally

Hi, I am using this scrip to show the used/unused data of my Telekom plan: GitHub - marcjulianschwarz/telekom-data-usage-widget: Telekom Datennutzung Widget für iOS 14

Now, I would like to extend its functionality to also write the consumed data at the end of each period to a (iCloud?) table or a simple note, so I can track whether I could downgrade my data plan :slight_smile:

So, is the following possible with Scriptable?

  • automatic pull of the data (from Telekom) on a given day each month
  • add that data to a local file with a timestamp

If so, could you give me a rough outline how such a script would look like? Then I will try myself and search how to do it in detail.

Look at the automation of scheduling an Apple Shortcuts shortcut that runs a Scriptable script.

Just look at Scriptable’s FileManager documentation, or have Shortcuts do it if you would always run via a shortcut. I would probably opt to do it in Scriptable, just in case I ever did have a need to run outside of Shortcuts.