Homescreens Automation

Hey everyone, I love these videos. I spend so much time organising myself and trying to get into a seamless workflow. With that being said, I have a question about homescreens. Since there is a limitation to the amount of Focus modes, is there a way to set a specific homescreen without using a Focus Mode? For example, I may have meetings with a company weekly. So, I have a shortcut setup for it, including a homescreen. I have yet to discover a shortcut command to go to that homescreen. But I would love to include going to that homescreen into that shortcut. Has anyone come across that issue and find a solution?

Focus modes is the only way to bring up a specific Home Screen but you can bypass the limit of adding focus modes by doing the following…

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Focus
  • Go back to the previous Settings screen
  • Go back to Focus and the + in the top right should appear

Repeat this as many times needed to create the number of focus modes you desire.