HomePod saying “Done” for every third party action in Shortcuts

Every time I run a Shortcut through Siri on the HomePod or other devices she will say “That’s done” or “OK” or “Done” for every action that employs a third party app like Scriptable, Toolbox Pro, or Data Jar. The developers have been able to get Siri to be less verbose (“Getting value from Data Jar” ugh), but are unable to keep Siri completely silent. Not sure why it is necessary to have Siri say this every time she comes across a third party action. Perhaps there is a time delay and Apple doesn’t want you to think Siri has given up. I hope the new Siri update coming in IOS 14 will get rid of this feature. Kind of takes away from the magic. Here is an iCloud link to a video of my HomePod doing the “Done” shuffle.