HomeKit indicators

I’ve been working out of my basement for a while and have a nice window big down there that I have an Eve sensor on that tells me when it’s open. Problem is I don’t remember what to look at my HomeKit dashboard.

Anyone have good ideas for a small indicator light I can put somewhere I can’t miss before I head up to bed for the night?

I was thinking maybe a strip light somewhere that will light up subtly when the window opens. Maybe I could even use different colors to indicate different things. For example leaving the lights on in the basement.

I’m not sure I can recommend Casey Liss solution that they discussed on ATP 376: Monogamous Gaming Lifestyle, but it makes for a funny segment of the show. It in their pre-show, so its the first thing they talk about. He is wanting a similar thing, but for garage door, and talks about using Raspberry Pi’s to do the same thing.