HomeKit Automation and Scenes not working well

I had some simple HomeKit automation set up turn on a few Meross lights and smart plugs that we’re working fine. Now they seem to failing - or taking a long time to finish.

If I go directly to iOS HomeKit app and manually turn things on and off they seem to work OK however my scenes are either failing or taking a long time.

I imagine I could reset all devices from scratch but would rather not if I don’t have to.

Q: is there a way I can track down these issues and get HomeKit Scenes working again?

update - it seems I have one bulb that is the issue. I had one Meross bulb that was manually turned off for a few weeks. Now, when I turned it back on - it blinks three times and the HomeKit app button says = no response.

Question: how can I update HomeKit accessory to get this bulb working again? Do I have to remove accessory and set it up as new, or is there another way?