HomeKit and Eufy Camera Day/Night

I have some outdoor Eufy cameras that I have integrated with HomeKit (and no, I don’t just want to use the Eufy app to solve this issue), and I am stumped with how I can accomplish what I think is a simple setting, especially now that I am home all of the time. What I cannot figure out is how to have the camera NOT record during the day when I am home and ONLY record (and notify) at night when I am home.

Am I overlooking something? Is there a third party HomeKit app that can do this? As I noted above, I want to stay with the HomeKit UI, as all my other automations are here, as well.

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I have the same issue with the limited configurability of HomeKit notifications. I don’t want my door sensors buzzing at me when I’m home UNLESS it’s night time. I can’t find any way whatsoever to do that, and it’s a bit maddening. It also seems like something super obvious that any Apple employees dogfooding this stuff would have encountered.

This is a major shortcoming of HomeKit camera support I feel. I’ve got some Elgato and Logitech cameras that I bought to replace Arlo - but I’m missing that ability to schedule swapping to activity record mode at night. I’ve sent it to Apple as a suggestion - and the more people who do, the more they’re likely to pay attention. Please send it as a suggestion via here… Feedback - Home App - Apple