HomeKit alert for plug without power

I have a refridgerator in my garage that occasionally will trip the circuit breaker and lose power. The rest of the house maintains power.

I would like to plug the fridge into a HomeKit smart plug and receive an alert if the plug is no longer detected by the Home hub.

I looked at the basic automations available through the Mac OS Home application and didn’t see anything that would work. I have also tried a general Google search and did not find a solution.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Home Assistant let’s you track and trigger for devices going offline and take an action.


Hi, Mark

Sorry for the late reply. If it helps, I’m using the HomeKit-compatible Eve Smart Plug (there are UK/EU/US versions) for exactly that scenario. It is able to monitor power consumption, and that can be used with HomeKit (and Shortcuts) to identify when the power point is in use, as per the (simplistic) example below. It’s more expensive than similar products (including the Hue one) but I’m finding its additional features useful for certain applications (and it has Thread support).

There are even more options in the native Eve app, including a history of the power the appliance consumed and an estimate of the annual cost (based on the price per unit you enter), as per the screenshot below.

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Thanks Steve for the idea of this automation/shortcut. Just can’t seem to get it working. Are you able to share more detail pls? TIA D