Home automations not working after power outage

I make extensive use of HomeKit automations in the Home app to turn my Hue lights on and off throughout my house. (Our Home hub is an AppleTV.) Yesterday, we had several power outages and now none of my scheduled automations are working (i.e. lights are not turning on or off as necessary.)

I don’t know where to begin to troubleshoot. I looked in the Home app and all the automations are active. Ideas?

You don’t mention anything outside of home hub. Are they all working as expected?

If so, have you tried restarting your Apple TV?

I’m not sure what you mean by your first question. What other things would there be outside of home hub?

I have indeed restarted the AppleTV.

Let me rephrase. Can you control the Hue lights with some other device connecting to the bridge? E.g. The i*OS Hue app.

You don’t mention anything other than Hue devices, so therefore the control issue could lie in all of the lights (very unlikely), the Hue bridge (possible), the Apple TV (possible), or all(?) of the devices communicating with the Apple TV/Home Hub (again very unlikely).

By establishing if you can communicate with the Home Hub directly, that would make it more likely, but not conclusive, that the issue lies on the Apple side of the Apple-Hue divide.

Hopefully you can now follow the line of questioning.

I think that the same thing has happened to me before. Power will go out and then sometimes the automations that are visible in the Home app just stop working (when I leave turn off the lights, at 12am turn off the lights, that kind of stuff). The automations controlled by the Hue app still work fine. In both cases I can still control all the devices on either the Home app or the Hue app… it’s just that the automations in Home.app sometimes stop working. I was never able to figure it out so to get them working again I’ve reset my entire home and reconfigured everything which is a pain… if it happened again I will probably just give up on the Home app and move all automations into the Hue app.

An Apple TV is also my HomeKit hub. I also have the Hue Hub that my lights are paired with.

Interesting. Does creating a new automation in those instances work?

If so, that sounds more like an OS/automation-feature bug.

What appears to have worked in my case was turning off each of the automations in the Home app, one by one, then turning them on again. This probably clears out a corrupted cache or something along those lines. I’ll have to wait a week or so to make sure all the automations have reset themselves, but so far it seems to have worked.

If my power goes out and this happens again I will try this cause I’m not sure if I did, but it seems like I would have. Anyway will try it next time, hopefully that never happens though.