Home Automation issue with Eve Motion

Ok, I’m missing something in trying to automate the Eve motion sensor. I’ve created two “automations” in shortcuts. One to turn on a Nanoleaf light strip on and another to turn the light strip off. When I test the automations using the “Test This Automation” they both work. The “when” condition is “motion detected in Paul’s office” the “do” condition is to run a shortcut. Both shortcuts are very similar “Set Nanoleaf light strips” one turns the light strip on to 15% the other off.

I enabled both and watched via the Eve app the motion sensor detecting motion. But no shortcut automation fired. What am I doing wrong? If more details are needed let me know.

Also another question, in the Eve App the settings for the Eve Motion has Motion sensitivity setting and a Duration setting. Can I use shortcuts to launch another shortcut after the duration ends?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

You didn’t mention it, but I’m guessing you’re running the iOS 17 beta, right? Apple seems to have given the ability to run a shortcut in a home automation but it doesn’t actually work. Are your devices HomeKit compatible? If so, you can just trigger them that way

Mvan231, my iPad is on iOS17 beta my phone is on ios16.6 and the HomePod / Apple TVs (home hubs) are on 16.6. So not all of my devices are on the betas. Yes, all the Home automation devices are HomeKit compatible. I originally built the automation in the home app on the ‘select scenes and accessories to automate’ page at the bottom you can select convert to shortcut. That is what I did. I have had other automations work using this method.

I tried setting up another automation without converting it to a shortcut and it tapped on the test this automation and it sort of worked. The automation turned on the light strip but didn’t turn it off after the turn off time expired.

Thanks for your response.

Seeing your home automation for this would help tremendously

I’m going to add screen captures of home automations. Img_0458 - is the home automation not converted to a Shortcut. The remainder are the screens so that you can see all the settings of the converted to shortcut version.

Can you show where this turn off time is shown?

So far everything you showed looks correct that it’ll turn the light on whenever it sees motion.

That’s what I thought as well. For the non shortcut version it is in the first image. For the shortcut version I couldn’t figure out where to set it to turn off after a set amount of time. In the home app, I’ve got the allow sensors to send notifications. I’ve received no notifications of movement detected.

Ahh I see it now. For replicating that method in the shortcut version, you’d need to add a wait action followed by the state you wish to have it controlled to (Off in this case)

Okay, (old programmer here) So if I want the light strip to turn off after 10 minutes, I put in a wait action for 10 minutes then and add another scripting action to set the light strip to off?

Yes, in the shortcut view you’d have to do it that way. Using the normal HomeKit automation view might be an easier setup but obviously it’s not working as expected for you.

That is what I’m trying to debug at the moment. :grinning: I’ve got notifications turned on for the eve motion and I’m not seeing any notifications appear. So that is my next step to determine I’m not getting notifications. In the Eve app I can watch and see that the Eve Motion sensor is detecting motion.

Makes me wonder if a setting isn’t set right or maybe the HomeKit connection is broken and needs to be reestablished

Mvan231, that is what I’m thinking. Maybe on a separate thread network from everything else. Wishing there was an ‘advanced setting’ so I could see more diagnostics. Thanks for your help. I did learn something based on the shortcut suggestions.

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