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I have a eufycam in the backyard and a light connected to a Lutron Caseta switch. Tge automation worked once, but never again, even if I take out the time requirements. I can see that the eufycam detects motion, but the light won’t turn on. Any ideas?

The motion is detected, but the light does not trigger. Does the home automation get triggered?

i.e. There’s the trigger the processing and the result. Is it something between the trigger and the result that is failing, or just the result?

You could check by having the automation do something else.

Also, it might be worth removing the time of day condition temporarily to rule that out as a factor.

Great idea to connect the automation to something else. That something else triggered when I set off the motion detector on the Eufy backyard camera. It still won’t turn on the outside lights though. I am able to turn the backyard lights on and off with Home, however.

Huh. Two forum accounts - you probably want to consolidate there.

Can you trigger the lights from a manually triggered shortcut?

Two accounts? That’s unfortunate. Does consolidate mean just delete one of them? Or is there a more refined way to consolidate?

Yes. I can turn the backyard light on and off with a shortcut.

Never seen anyone have two accounts before. I was indicating consolidating your use to one account. Account deletion messes up the posting history so isn’t possible as far as I know.

What happens if you use “Run Shortcut” in your automation to run the Shortcut that can trigger the light? Any difference to direct activation?

I’ve found in personal automations that sometimes the opposite can cause issues. When trying to run watch updates in a shortcut from a trigger, they fail, but if I put it directly in the trigger it succeeds. Hence I’m wondering if there’s a workaround to be had here.