Home automation for the family

Hey all,
I’ve run into a problem that I could use some help troubleshooting. Part of the promise of HomeKit is that it can help keep energy costs down by automating things like lights and climate control, possibly door locks. The problem is that the automations I have set up for that purpose never seem to work automatically. If I tell Siri to activate, they will, but the geolocation triggers never work as expected, if at all.

I have a scene called “Leave Home” that turns off all of the lights, locks the back door, and sets the thermostat to a wide range. In the automation tab of the Home app, I have a trigger of “When the last person leaves home,” which should trigger when the last of myself, my wife, or my daughter leave the house. But that never happens. I can activate it manually on my phone or voice, but my wife and daughter want something that just happens, the way I thought it was supposed to work.

I’d be glad to provide screenshots or other information, but I thought I’d throw it out there for input first. Thanks.


Edit: I think I figured out that at least one reason it might not be working is the door lock. I noticed text at the top of the automation that says, “This automation requires confirmation to run because it may allow entry into your home.” I haven’t tested yet, but it’s possible that may be the problem.

But that brings up a different question: If the automation in question actually LOCKS the door, shouldn’t that be allowed? It’s not allowing entry into the home. It’s restricting entry. I would think this would be a feature Apple would allow. Am I missing something?

It’ll be the door lock, ideally the door lock itself should have setups for allowing automatic locking which you can trigger in another way - or you can sacrifice something to turn on/off when you want the lock automated (e.g. a switch, the switch turning on is part of your scene. Separately, you have another automation which when the switch turns on, locks the door). If you take that out of the equation, it should all just work.

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