Hiding Shortcuts App when running a shortcut from home screen?

Is this possible?

Just made my first shortcut for my ‘partner’ - it gives me three options, call her, text her, find her. Works great.

I like how when using the widget it just brings up my menu of actions.

However if I create a home screen shortcut I don’t want to see the shortcut app, i just want to see my menu of actions. Any way to achieve this?

Thank you shortcut friends.

The home screen entries are URLs that use the URL scheme of the Shortcuts app. When triggered like this there’s currently no way to avoid opening the app itself. You’re basically starting with an instruction that says “open the Shortcuts app and run …”.

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Thanks, I finished the podcast and realised then that it was not possible. For such an excellent concept, it is very poorly executed for someone who just wants to use shortcuts, as opposed to someone who is constantly fiddling in the app. I’ll stick to the widgets for now.

URL schemes predate the Shortcuts app by a long way. It’s just another launch option/feature it offers.

The option to build menus, and/or just launch other URL schemes and the like, from URL based shortcuts on the device home screen has been around since Shortcuts’s predecessor, Workflow, was introduced. Personally I’m just a little bemused by the whole upsurge in people using this approach which has been around for some time.

Background running however is much newer and in time I’m sure other trigger methods that can take advantage of this will be enabled. There’s a rumour the iOS springboard UI will be redesigned, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that gave us something around that and might precisely address your wants on that front.


A recent post by Federico on macstories does not get around this but it makes it feel less like “tell shortcuts to open and run…”

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