Hey Siri, pre-heat my car

Hi everyone,

I have a Renault Zoe, which has a bad app, but luckily others have reverse-engineered its API. I turned that into a script for Pythonista. Works like a charm with the integration into Siri and Shortcuts that’s in the current beta and hopefully soon in the public version. Have been using it almost every morning the past week, either using a Siri phrase or as a Shortcut widget.

I shared the full script on my blog: http://adrian.schoenig.me/blog/2019/01/20/hey-siri-preheat-my-car/

Pythonista (or Scriptable and just Shortcuts for that matter) is really super useful for adding modern OS features to something where some app developers (like Renault) themselves don’t want to invest in them.