Helpful Tracking Assistant Using Keyboard Maestro

Hi all,

As a developer, I need to keep track of the time that I spend on various projects for clients.

I have a whole database system already set up to keep track of this. The problem is sometimes I jump around and do various things and then have trouble later trying to remember what time was spent for each particular client.

So I needed away to look at the previous working hours to be able to construct my client Billing.

related apps like this…

But I figured there must be a way to do lots of this right in Keyboard Maestro.

Thanks to everybody’s help at Keyboard Maestro Forum, I have this very simple yet powerful little script that does the trick for me, all in the background.

What it does, is create a log file every (x) minutes for whatever is my current open application and current Application title.

So, whenever I forgot to fill-in my client times, I can open this simple text file and have a look at the applications used during those time periods.

Here is the link to the keyboard maestro forum page:

Thanks Dave


I recommend the Toggl Track web service for time tracking. Toggl Desktop (installed on your Mac) records your time against projects, and also records what apps are open when you were working on that project, so you can go back and adjust time entries. It’s an alternative to baking your own open-App tracking tool.

  • Toggl Desktop: automatically captures what Apps and Sites being used on your Mac provided in the timeline to enrich time entry data (much like Timing) application website
  • Toggl Track : the web service that holds all of the data, used to record time spent on tasks

Hi Scott - Thanks for the info.