Help: Working Copy no longer syncing?

Tonight I was modifying some of my scripts for the first time since updating to iPadOS 13 and the new Scriptable. Everything was fine until I wanted to “back up” my scripts to GitHub using Working Copy, which is no longer syncing.

Is this a known issue? Do I need to recreate a link between the Apps?

(It might also be a bug in the last beta of Working Copy?)

It’s not Scriptable specific it seems, because I have the same issue with Pythonista.

Stopping the sync and setting up Folder Sync again seems to solve it.

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Surprise, surprise: same issue now that I upgraded to iOS 14!

To make it worse: this time I can’t figure out how to properly set up folder sync…

(I need to map a folder Scripts from the repo to the App’s iCloud folder, but somehow Working Copy is always mapping the root folder of the repo instead?)

And even worse: when trying to solve this I somehow deleted the scripts containing my credentials (which I on purpose do not store in the git archive, but hopefully I can recreate them using info from 1Password)