Help with URL Schemes

Hey everybody, I am very new to all this stuff and I have come accross URL Schemes.

I have an app called Tempo Metronome by Frozen Ape which I use for music practice. I want a way of automation some the things I am doing.

In the App I found a page tooked away that says URL Scheme fa.tempo:// and that is it. Is that just a way for me to quickly open the app or is there ways for doing things like open the app and set metronome to a specific tempo or open a certain setlist? I am not sure how these things work.

I went on the website and can’t see anything of note even mentioning URL Schemes.

Thank you for your help.

I don’t see anything for app automation on the app store or web site. These days I would expect developers to be adding Shortcuts support over URL scheme support, but both can be useful.

The existing scheme reference probably does just open the app and nothing more.

You should reach out to the developers and see if they have any plans to add automation and set out your use case as to why it would be valuable to customers.

Thanks buddy,

Yeah I thought as much. I have had a good look on the website for a way to get intouch with the developer but nothing. The twitter has not been posted on for a year or two but the app is still being activly deveoped with regular updates.
It is such a good app and having Shortcut suport would really be great.

Will see if I can find a way to get hold of the developer.

Cheers Buddy

This app has URL scheme support and can probably interact with the app Bandhelper

I’ve used URl schemes lots with control system apps running on iOS when you want to jump from the control app to something like Plex I think we would use plexapp://

Here is a page we used when we needed to control Kaleidescape media players, some can do more than others and that depends on the developer

Heres another massive list of URL schemes and info you might find helpful

Note that Apple is moving away from URL scheme to Universal Links