Help with text field in Siri Shortcuts

I have created a prompt in a Siri Shortcut to ask me a question and I want the Shortcut to then open a text field that will allow me to type into it.

Is that possible?

Yes there is:


This no longer appears to work in iOS14

Ask for Input is a standard action for entering content. I can’t see that being removed or deprecated for the final release.

However, if it is not working for you in iOS14, ensure that you follow the standard feedback process to ensure that Apple are aware of your issue. That is what the beta process and the feedback aspect of that process are for.

I’ve not given feedback yet as I wasn’t sure if it was working correctly.

When using ask for input Siri does listen for input, it just doesn’t bring up a text box so you can ,manually type it in.

Can someone confirm this is what should happen?

If you have invoked Siri to run a shortcut, that’s an indication you wish to use a voice interaction, so that would be correct. You would enter content by dictation. At least in that this is how it has been on previous OS releases.