Help with Siri Shortcut Variable Wrangling

I’m trying to learn more about Siri Shortcuts and am expanding on the “Show upcoming birthdays” idea in David’s great Field Guide.

I want to say “Bob Smith’s birthday is on October 7, 1970 which is 15 days from now.”

I have it working but feel the is a better way to do part of it. I am using Find Contracts Where and want to pull the First, Last and Birthday. The way I have it is to put the contact into a variable, Get Details - First name, Get Variable (contact), Get Details - Last Name, Get Variable (contact), Get Details - Birthday.

This seems terribly verbose, especially with magic variables and since this is my first attempt to make a real tool I thought I should ask people who know more than I.

What is the better way to do this?


Could you use the “share iCloud link” to share what you already have? That will make it easier to help!

To me it sounds like you might just want to pull in the contact data into a text action that you then show the contents of.

Here’s a purely contact stored info one to illustrate it.

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I like that Stephen. Thank you!