Help with Shortcut to save webpage as your chose of webloc, webarchive, or .pdf?

I’m trying to create a share extension Shortcut for use in Safari that, from a given webpage in Safari, will allow me to save my choice of:

  1. A .webloc (i.e. a bookmark)
  2. A .webarchive (i.e. offline version of webpage)
  3. A .pdf

Getting a .pdf is pretty easy. But I can’t seem to figure out how to save a .webloc or .webarchive using Shortcuts. Is that possible currently? (Happy to use Scriptable/ToolboxPro if they are required).

Big picture: I’m trying to see how far I can get in using Files as a replacement for DTTG and/or KeepIt. is capable of viewing/opening both .webloc and .webarchive files. And I know I can create .webarchive files from Safari using the share extension, choosing “options” choosing web archive, and then saving to files. But that’s a lot of taps and I want to automate the process.


See if this is something like what you want.



This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll play with it a bit more to see if I can get it to turn URL scheme links into files as well (e.g. Things or Ulysses URLS to open certain projects or groups)

Thanks so much for this!