Help with license plate tracking shortcut

I am trying to create a shortcut that will pull up a list of all 50 states in the US, and track when I see one of the license plates. I want it to log the date and time I saw a plate, nd when I run the shortcut, it should only show me the plates that I don’t already have. I would love some help creating the shortcut.

The simplest solution I can think of is to create a note in Apple Notes that has a two-column table, one column filled with the state names and the other for entering dates as you find the license plates.

The shortcut to help automate your finds would have these steps:

  1. Open the license plate note.
  2. Get today’s date.
  3. Format the date as you like.
  4. Copy the formatted date to the clipboard.

When you run the shortcut, it’ll open the note. You then scroll to the appropriate state and paste the date next to it.

If you have Drafts, I’m sure there’s a way to save one tap, but it would involve more scripting within Drafts.