Help with Heading to Work shortcut

Struggling with the following shortcut. Does Waze allow to send an ETA?

If people do something similar I’d be curious what your is as well.

Waze doesn’t pass out an ETA.

In your Shortcut you are passing the travel time in as an attachment to the message. Consider adding in a “Nothing” action in between.

Your travel time variables in your message are showing red, which means that they don’t exist. I can’t tell why from the screenshot, but you’ll need to re-add the travel time / arrival time variable to the message action.

Probably because you removed the Get Travel Time action after adding the variable to Send Message and added it manually again instead of using the undo button. But the variable is still referencing the deleted action.

I guess I would need to not use Waze for this then as I can’t send ETA via a shortcut.

No. Just use one type of action to estimate travel time and Waze to navigate within the same shortcut.

Something along these lines…

What’s the “get variable” for? Also any way to just have the time?

:confounded: absolutely nothing. I was think of passing the address into Waze originally, but spotted you were using a preset and then I forgot to delete it {sigh}.

The easiest way is to tap on the variable and set the output format.

Set the date part to none and the time part to whatever format you want.

Excellent! Works as advertised!