Help with Dictionaries to populate empty fields from input

I’m including shortcut links with the data included from the screenshot. Food delivery 1 doesn’t have data for Surge or WaitingExtra. Food Delivery 2 has amounts for all 6 fields, just as an example that all could be filled or that some need to reflect $0.00 even when they are missing.

These are all of the fields:








Your earnings

I’ve been through this at least 100 times and a couple times with the right solution but too tedious of a process if i need to make an adjustment. A little messy like scratch paper but i hope someone can help.

Dictionaries seem to be the solution but I just can’t understand the patterns yet when reviewing help or others shortcuts.

Food Delivery 1

Food Delivery 2

I don’t fully understand your problem. Though, I do confess… I did not try to review those (long!) Shortcuts.

Just based on your title and the description I’ve inferred your possible need. See attached simple example of using a Dictionary structure to capture input. Default values can be used. All or some of the data can be responded to.

Maybe this helps. I imagine it doesn’t, but thought I would share to be sure. — jay

Thanks. I know it’s horrible but the good news is after reworking it since it has been a few months since I started, I’ve learned more direct routes to output. I’m attaching a MUCH smaller shortcut that gets more straight to the point. The output displays as a list with the field first and the associated amount below it. When it is run, any field that doesn’t have an amount associated with it that day will not show up at all - it will just move on to the next field with a dollar amount. However, in order to make the spreadsheet work, I need the dictionary? to still populate the field that doesn’t appear with a $0, while populating the others with the input on the list. Does that make more since?

I see the dictionary flow (kind of), I just need it to kind of match the field name and then get the dollar amount below it. Also, if you can tell me how you did it so I can practice and get an understanding of how it works.

Updated Shortcut - Earnings to Spreadsheet