Help with Devonthink to go shortcut?

I use my iPad for all my browsing of academic literature with the BrowZine app. It integrates well with all the big players (endnote, Zotero, etc) but I’m switching over to DT to go to store these. I don’t do academic writing so having the PDF stores and searchable with my notes (and easy to link on iOS/iPadOS to obsidian) works very well. (Had been using Zotero but when you export file notes are separate, metadata not embedded, limited storage before paying).

I can easily “open pdf” and send the pdf to DT to go, but I would like to tag and rename the file on iOS if possible without having to manually open DT to go. It seems that there are devonthink shortcuts but none that I could get to take the share sheet pdf and then allow me to add the tags I want. I envision a drop down list I can then select the tags I want from common ones, and then use the DEVONthink shortcut update metadata to add these.

As a work around I have been adding the hashtag sign with my tags, and when I get to my mac using DT to convert hashtags to tags, but my file name now has the hashtag and has to be manually removed. (If anyone knows how to automate this would be great too!)

Appreciate any thoughts or help.